Programme (Program)

  • Jeudi 17 octobre 2013 (Thursday, October the 17th)

9. 00 am : Thierry Coquand, Goethenburg, “Type theory and univalent foundations”
10.45 am : Neil Barton, Birkbeck, “Proper Classes and Paraphrases”

2. 00 pm : Chris Porter, LIAFA Paris VII, “Randomness and Accessible Objects in Mathematics”
3. 45 pm : Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz, SPHERE Paris VII, “Reflections on the ontology of mathematics : an investigation of some links between the axiom of choice and the excluded middle. The theorem of Diaconescu revisited”

  • Vendredi 18 octobre 2013 (Friday, October the 18th)

9.00 am : Chris Pincock, The Ohio State University, “Felix Klein as a Prototype for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice”
10. 45 am : Jack Woods, Bilkent, “Logical Indefinites”

2.00 pm : Baptiste Mélès, Clermont II, “Computing Tools and Arithmetical Properties”
3. 45 pm : Monica Solomon, Notre Dame, “Surprises in mathematics”

  • Samedi 19 octobre 2013 (Saturday, October the 19th)

9.00 am : Sylvain Cabanacq, SPHERE Paris VII, “The sketches, between logic and geometry : Ehresmann’s theory of species of structures”
10.45 am : Colin McLarty, Case Western Reserve University, “Poincare’s logic in light of his philosophy”